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Why choose the FitoCavallo® team and our products?

Horseback Riding



Our herbal mixtures are classified as "medicinal product used in veterinary medicine" and have an official license.

With about 70 recipes and their combinations, we cover all horse diseases that can be treated with herbs.

Who does the FitoCavallo® team of experts consist of?

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Zsófia Marton

Zsófia Marton

  • agricultural engineer, professional writer, professional speaker, translator, graphic designer, bookworm and mother

  • managing director of Dzsar Kft., which produces and distributes FitoCavallo® & FitoCanini® products

  • decade-long development and testing of the recipes of FitoCavallo® and FitoCanini® herbal mixtures, followed by the obtaining of medical licenses

  • preparation and proofreading of professional articles and infographics appearing in equestrian magazines and the Lóherba blog

  • editor and operator of the FitoCavallo® and FitoCanini® websites , moderator of Facebook pages and groups

  • in the FitoCavallo® department, provides professional support in equestrian counseling - if necessary

  • in the FitoCanini® department, he provides dog counseling independently (based on online health assessment questionnaires)

Cornelia Deminger

  • teacher, German language teacher, professional speaker, translator, stable manager, horse therapist

  • consultant for Dzsar Kft., which produces and distributes FitoCavallo® & FitoCanini® products

  • in the FitoCavallo® equestrian consultation online condition assessment questionnaires are evaluated and answered

  • for equestrian herbal advice by phone can be called (at fixed times)

  • on the basis of prior consultation, for a fee, performs on-site condition assessment and manual therapy treatments for horses


Cornelia Deminger


Károly Szabolcsi

  • environmental engineer, computer scientist, logistician, data miner, Excel spreadsheet fan

  • managing director of Dzsar Kft., which produces and distributes FitoCavallo® & FitoCanini® products

  • operator of the Fito-store webshop

  • everything from raw material procurement, production to packaging rests on his shoulders

  • oversees and manages herbal orders, purchases and package delivery

Károly Szabolcsi


Would you ask? Can we help you with a problem?

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This is what we say...


"I keep my horses in my own barn. I regularly go to stables to assess the condition of the horses and treat them with manual therapy.

As a FitoCavallo® consultant, I ensure that riders find the herbal blend they need for their horse.

Upon request, I am happy to give lectures in riding stables on biomechanics and saddle fitting, touching on common feeding errors and  herbal options."


"Our family business is a leader in the production and trade of herbal mixtures for horses in Hungary.

We owe our success to the trust of our customers, our systems approach, our organization, teamwork, personalized advice, excellent products and constant innovation. Our products have been licensed as medicinal products used in veterinary medicine since 2020."

levendulás kép.jpg

"I love to write, to draw, teach, to dwell on impossible problems. Book author, speaker at veterinary training courses, herbal product developer, consultant, shaper of attitudes, but also responding to life's challenges blogger and I am also an amateur illustrator.

I combine Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Western phytotherapy based on active ingredients along the lines of modern veterinary dietetics. In addition, I raise my two sons as a homeschooling mother."

Dressage Horse


Share it with us!

If your horse got better as a result of our herbs, or you read some new, interesting and useful information on our site, or perhaps you find our activity useful for some other reason, then we would be happy to read your feedback!

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