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FitoCavallo® herbal mixtures

Dear Costumer!

Every month, limited numbers some*we will give away a horse from among those who honored us with their trust and successfully used FitoCavallo® medicinal products on their horses.


We are happy to offer them a HUF 1,500 gift voucher

in exchange for a photographic, herbal case description (experience report).


*: our resources are limited. If our monthly quota is full, we will automatically reassign the sender of the case description to the next free quota, of which we will of course send an e-mail notification.



The coupon linked to the e-mail address

any equestrian product can be redeemed in the webshop

in case of purchase.


After issuing the coupon, you have at least 6 months to make the purchase.

With the coupon, we want to repay the trust in FitoCavallo® products and our team, as well as the case description.



If you decide to write with FitoCavallo® herbs

the recovery of your treated horse

or history of improvement, then

we ask that

fill in the case descriptions

Our 1-minute questionnaire

and send a photo to fitocavallo@gmail.comaddress.

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FitoCavallo® Equestrian case reports

- content aspects -

We will make the HUF 1,500 coupon available as soon as possible, 

as soon as the following have been received by e-mail:



We would like at least one full-length picture of the horse in the case description, with which we can share the text on our pages. It is important that the image is legal (so if another horse or person appears in the image, then there must be written consent).

We are waiting for materials to the address (please indicate in the subject field or comment that it was prepared for a case description, as this is also our consulting page). 

A photo or video related to the disease (e.g. cracked hoof, fallen hair, inflamed eye) or video is optional: we are happy to receive it, but it is not "mandatory".

By sending the case description e-mail, you consent to the information (text, image, video) you sent appearing on our pages in connection with the promotion of the FitoCavallo® brand and products. We upload the videos to our own YouTube channel, in a non-public state (viewable only with a link).



We don't expect a short novel, but we like to tell stories, so the longer it can be, the better...

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TIP, SUGGESTION for case descriptions

Horses do not always recover, we know that very well. Over the years, we have also learned to evaluate the partial results, as we are well aware of how much effort they sometimes require (e.g. keeping lame horses at a symptom-free level).


That is why we are not only waiting for reports of "healing bordering on a miracle", in fact, those are rarer, but an objective description of how what results you experienced when using FitoCavallo® herbs, followed by a short evaluation of  how useful and successful you found the treatment.


It is perfectly fine for the horse to receive herbs to supplement and follow-up the medication. This is how we often recommend our products: the only exceptions to this are prevention, maintenance of chronic conditions and mild cases.


There is no problem if the horse was given other supplements, or if the horse was treated by a therapist during the ride, a change of environment has occurred. We know very well that healing and improvement are in most cases teamwork 😊: horse, rider, veterinarian, farrier, therapists and manufacturers of the preparations, but even the rider is involved in the successes achieved. We cannot display the brand of products other than ours (due to legal implications) (but we can display the type, e.g. biotin, vitamin, cartilage builder,   amino acid replacement).

Last but not least: think about the fact that your report will also be read by people who may be facing their horse's illness right now (e.g. lameness or other incurable disease diagnosed by the veterinarian), and what you have written can be of great help.

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Our goal with the case reports is to show the riders that not everything is black and white in horse recovery: the results do not come by themselves and especially not easily.

That's why you can safely describe the ups and downs, as these are also inherent in horse life.

Thank you for reading our article, and now we would also like to read your case descriptions!

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