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Our herbs support the body's blood supply and heart function, and act against various old-age complaints (e.g. arthritis, calcification, digestive and metabolic disorders). Our products help old horses recover their health in the following diseases and problems:

The immune system and digestion of old horses no longer work as efficiently as when they were young. Therefore their general condition becomes more vulnerable, they get sick more easily, and they lose weight sooner. However, with herbs, aging can be slowed down and unpleasant old-age problems can be alleviated.

During aging, the blood's oxygen level decreases, the heart's activity slows down, and brain functions begin to deteriorate. The immune system may weaken and the ability to carry a load also deteriorates. Leg problems are common, stiffness of the joints and back pain are more typical. Many old horses are suffering from allergy, hormonal or metabolic disorders (e.g. insulin resistance, Cushing's disease, chronic laminitis). 

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