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Our medicinal plants, which support the body's natural defenses and the balanced functioning of the hormonal and immune systems, can help restore your horse's health in the case of the following diseases and problems.

Whether it is the hormonal (endocrine) system or the immune system, in both cases it is a matter of very complexly built and organized systems. Only in very justified cases should the delicate balance of these two closely related systems be interfered with.

Az immune systemits weakness can have unforeseeable consequences: the weakened organism is attacked by pathogens, the horse may fall victim to infectious diseases, or it may develop difficult-to-treat allergies. Above all, the condition of the liver, intestinal flora and intestinal mucous membranes is the most important, but the immune-boosting and metabolism-regulating herbs proven in folk medicine, which are also the ingredients of our products, provide additional help.

Metabolism means the material transformation processes taking place in the horse's body. If there is a problem with the metabolism, it is often a multi-level, difficult-to-treat, cumulative problem. Its symptoms are mostly unclear, and numerous instrumental and laboratory tests must be used to accurately identify the cause.

As in most cases, it is also true here, and even more so, that herbs can be used to intervene at several points of attack to complement the targeted veterinary treatment. In addition to the use of phytohormone-containing medicinal plants, the use of anti-inflammatory plant active substances also enjoys priority.

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