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Our herbs, which support the cleaning of the airways and the functioning of the respiratory system, can help restore your horse's health in the case of the following diseases and problems.

The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract functions as a line of defense, while the lungs are also responsible for gas exchange and oxygen supply to the body. Irritations and allergies caused by drying out of the mucous membranes can be reduced with medicinal plants. Facilitating the work of the lungs , disinfecting the airways is also important.


In horses the most common diseases affect the respiratory system. From mild pollen allergies to severe breathing difficulties, there are herbal options for all kinds of problems. Our products are made on the basis of a very complicated system, Integrative Veterinary Phytotherapy, which differentiates between callousness and callousness according to which season the animal's condition deteriorates or what personality the animal has. The plants found in them have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years to promote healing. 

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