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The story of LÓHERBA könyvek_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

The first edition...

It was published in 2005, in 3,000 copies. Most of the books sold out within a few years, which no one expected.

Almost 15 years have passed since then, so there was a rightful need for it to be reissued. However, over the past years, equine medicine has also developed a lot, and I myself have gained many new experiences and knowledge.

So the old edition had to be reworked!

The "new" LÓHERBA book turned out to be excessively transformed in a few months. For this reason, this can no longer be called a correction or expansion: it would be more correct to talk about the creation of a completely new volume.


The "new" LÓHERBA book...


By the summer of 2019, it had expanded into a material of approximately 800 pages.

Publishing this would also mean serious costs, but an even bigger problem is that it may not serve the purpose for which the HORSE HERB book was originally intended: to provide an introduction to the mysteries of equine phytotherapy!

One of the biggest dilemmas is the description of horse diseases. Unfortunately, there is currently no Hungarian-language veterinary database in Hungary where horse owners can obtain information from an authentic source.allabout equine disease that can be treated with herbs: including such as Cushing's disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, equine asthma, OCD or Head-shaking syndrome .

In my opinion, the HORSE HERB book is not responsible for a detailed description of horse diseases, but how can I write about the phytotherapeutic treatment of horse diseases, if many riders have not even heard of the diseases themselves, or do not know them in detail?! The solution is provided by the LÓHERBA blog magazine...


The LÓHERBA blog magazine...

it is intended to serve as a bridge to the above problems: primarily horse diseases and goes around the factors predisposing to the disease. In this way, sooner or later, the foundation can be built on which readers of the HORSE HERB book can rely on if they do not know a particular horse disease. Of course, the most reliable source is always the veterinarian!

Articles about horse diseases - with a phytotherapeutic tone appear primarily in the HORSE HERBA blog, and in printed form in the Equestrian Nation (in the section of Dr. András Bába's lógyógyász) and in the horse magazine Pegazus(infographics) can also be read from the beginning of 2019.

The content of the LÓHERBA blog magazine is free, despite the fact that it requires a lot of work: on my part, as the author, but also on the part of the proofreaders, who undertake this work for free! I am grateful to them, because without them, so much professionally authentic and correct information could never have appeared!

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