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FitoCavallo® Integrative Veterinary Phytotherapy

Choose which type of disease treatment you are interested in!




1. fill out the questionnaire, send photos 

2. we select the best medical products for your horse

3. our expert consultant will send you his recommendation by e-mail within 2-3 days

+ also provides husbandry and feeding advice, if necessary

4. you can also call for further consultation​

Our advice is free. We can track the horses of the riders who fill out the questionnaire for years, and we are at your disposal with continuous herbal advice.

The detailed description of horse diseases and the related science is the specialty of veterinarians.

On this website, I write about diseases from a slightly different approach: through phytotherapy.

Medicinal plants, thanks to their various active ingredients, are able to act on several points of attack at the same time, which is why during  treatments we place great emphasis on influencing the metabolic disorders that are often behind diseases, and on restoring the harmonious functioning of the body.

You can always get the most reliable information about horse diseases from your horse specialist veterinarian!


Ask us about the herbal treatment of horse diseases! If you are looking for the right solution for your horse, it is best to fill out a health assessment questionnaire so that we can make a treatment proposal tailored to your horse.

Can be treated with herbs horse diseases

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