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Our herbs, which support liver regeneration and detoxification processes, help to restore the health of horses in the case of the following diseases and problems:

liver  plays a central role in detoxification (e.g. drugs, in the transformation of cell-damaging free radicals), in the breakdown of steroid and thyroid hormones, in the energy supply of muscles and in many important tasks related to metabolism. Its biggest enemies are infections, parasites, stress (stress hormones), mold and drug overuse.


If you want to keep your horse's liver safe, you can help a lot with our herbs. It is worth considering all vaccinations, deworming and drug treatment as a kind of liver strain, just as frequent dominance disputes in the paddock or with the rider also strain the liver.

kidney special organ, very difficult to heal with any method once it is damaged. The urinary tract does not only consist of the kidneys, but also includes e.g. the bladder, urethra, urethra. Their inflammation and sanding are relatively rare  in horses. Folk medicine has long used herbs for these problems, but of course always only in addition to veterinary treatment.

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