Environmentally friendly packaging material for FitoCavallo® & FitoCanini® herbal mixtures

Does it happen to you that your mouth tastes bitter when you have to throw the empty herbal sachets in the trash? If you buy one or more bags for your horse every month, you will certainly generate quite a bit of waste over the course of a year. Well, we have been concerned about sustainability and waste from the beginning, which is why we searched a lot for the right solution. Our good news is that the pouches of FitoCavallo® & FitoCanini® products can be considered one of the greenest packaging currently known.

For years, attempts have been made to create single-type plastics, which are multi-layered, so that they combine several properties, but at the same time, they can be recycled very easily, with little energy investment. They meet the prescribed and necessary hygiene conditions, while maintaining the quality of the packaged products without adding preservatives. Due to their aroma-proof, vapor-proof, gas-proof and light-proof solutions, they are an excellent choice for storing our herbal preparations. With selective waste collection, they can be easily collected and recycled after use.

Collect packaging materials selectively! If you throw the empty bags among the plastic waste, you are also doing something to save the forests.

Between 2015 and 2020, approx. 10 million hectares of forest have disappeared from the Earth, the situation is terribly worrying. That is why we, at FitoCavallo®&FitoCanini® products, do not consider replacing plastics with paper to be a sustainable or environmentally friendly step.

In addition, this form would not be suitable for storing the plant active ingredients that make up the healing power of our products. The packaging material of our herbal preparations is environmentally friendly, recyclable plastic, so that the forests and the active ingredient content can be preserved.

Collect selectively, protect the forests!