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Equine health courses for horse owners

On 20 November 2022, we visited Kaposvár, the clinic of Pannon Equine Medical and Rehabilitation Ltd. Our host was Dr. Tibor Ákos Hevesi, head of the clinic, equine veterinarian and professor.

Our motivated small group of 12 people received a lot of useful and mainly practical information from first-hand and authentic sources about the health and diseases of horses' teeth and hooves.

This is a great opportunity for horse owners to receive a highly professional, yet understandable training course, with X-ray and anatomical scans, endoscopy and live animal demonstrations.

Participants were given a number of practical exercises, such as professionally extracting the horse's tongue, rinsing the horse's mouth, and probing the lymph nodes and salivary glands - looking for possible clinical lesions. A hoof tie was also applied.

The main purpose of all this is to ensure that the horse owner notices any abnormalities in the horse's appearance in time to contact his or her veterinarian as soon as possible.

Photos of our equestrian advisor Kornélia Deminger with the certificate she received at the end of the course:

The major topics covered were:


  • The main topics of the training were:

  • anatomy of the dentition, numbering, tooth splitting, tooth changing

  • major anomalies of the dentition and oral cavity

  • cranial cavities

  • lymph nodes, salivary glands

  • dental operations and their rehabilitation

  • dental home care