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Intestinal flora, fluid balance

Intestinal flora, fluid balance

The intestinal flora is a living community that affects the horse's digestion, immune, hormonal and nervous systems. Its balance is the guarantee of lasting health. Protection of the gut flora can be achieved by long-term feeding of herbs that improve digestion. Probiotics are for supplementing intestinal flora. In the case of specific diseases, intestinal flora support additionally accelerates the reduction of existing symptoms.

Specification: Intestinal flora in horses: what is it, what is its function, why is it important?

Depending on the underlying cause, we recommend feeding the following combinations to supplement the diet:

  1. after antibiotic therapy: probiotics and NOSPAS or HESPASproduct
  2. tendency to diarrhea (see treatment of diarrhea there), prevention and maintenance during symptom-free periods:NOSPAS or HESPASproducts alternate
  3. after-treatment of intestinal flora imbalance due to intestinal infection, poisoning, spoiled food:HESPAS
  4. allergic diseases: in addition to the recipe targeting the skin and respiratory tract for symptomatic treatment, aHESPAS"internal dryness", recommended as a supplement in case of mild dehydration (e.g. very dry skin, accumulated secretions are difficult to drain)
  5. intestinal flora that deteriorates under stress:HESPAS + STRESScombination of products
  6. recurrent or hard-to-heal infections:HESPAS and IMMUNEcombination of products


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • at least 3 months in the case of diseases and symptoms
  • for maintenance and preventive treatment, HESPAS can be fed as a course or without a time limit
  • IMMUN can be fed with a time limit: after 1 month, it can be repeated with a break of 3-4 weeks, if necessary