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Intestinal inflammation, leaky gut syndrome

Intestinal inflammation, leaky gut syndrome

In case of intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel and intestinal ulcer, in addition to reconsidering the feed, it is important to minimize the psychological stress factors associated with the rise in cortisol levels, since this a stress hormone hinders both the production of the gastric protective factor and the blood supply of the intestinal mucosa. In the case of intestinal inflammation, -ulcer caused by psychological stress, drugs or intensive feeding, the basic phytotherapy treatment is the same. The primary goal is to achieve regeneration and protection of the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal with the help of coating, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating herbs. Secondarily, we adapt additional medicinal herbs to the root cause, thus we can achieve results by acting on several attack points.


Leaky gut syndromes in horses: causes, treatment

Depending on the underlying cause, we recommend feeding the following combinations to supplement the diet:

  • in the case of a bacterial or viral infection:IMMUN, NOSPAS and HEPAcombination of products
  • in case of infection caused by intestinal worms:IMMUN, DEVOR, NOSPAS and HEPAcombination of products
  • in case of poisoning:HEPA and NOSPAScombination of products
  • in case of occasionally occurring intestinal inflammation accompanied by mild diarrhea: azASPRINT, PREVUL and NOSPAScombination of produ