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Psoriasis, wet eczema

Psoriasis, wet eczema

In horses, wetting eczema usually appears in the form of ringworm or foot eczema. In this case, phytotherapy always sets the detoxification of the body as the primary goal. Complementary treatment of skin diseases also includes influencing underlying metabolic disorders, balancing fluid balance and intestinal flora, inhibiting inflammation and thus alleviating pain. External care and skin hygiene are important.

Specification: Csüdsömör in horses: causes, treatment

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. in case of tendency to prevention:BLOF and HEPA
  2. for treatment in mild cases:EKCE and HEPAcombination of products
  3. for treatment in severe cases:EKCE, HEPA and ASPRINTcombination of products
  4. in the case of allergies, in the case of temporary intensive deterioration of the condition, in addition to the above:HELPERproduct (for 5-10 days)
  5. in case of infection, in addition to the above (EKCE, HEPA):IMMUNEproduct
  6. for maintenance in case of recovery:BLOF and HEPAcombination of products
  7. in the case of itchy skin, pale mucous membranes and severe dandruff, use BLOF instead of aBLUF PLUSproduct recommended


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • HELPER can only be fed in a short course: 5-10 days
  • EKCEWIN and ASPRINT can be used for 3-6 months or until symptoms disappear
  • BLOF, BLOF PLUS and HEPA are recommended continuously or as a course
  • IMMUN can be fed for 1 month, after which a break of at least 3 weeks is recommended