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In case of colic symptoms , a veterinarian should be called immediately, but the tendency (sensitivity to front or stress, convulsions, bloating) can be very  prevented by long-term feeding of herbs. A suitable herbal mixture strengthens digestion, antispasmodic and liver protective. As a result of the soothing herbs, sensitivity to the negative effects of stress or weather fronts is reduced.


Colic in horses: symptoms, prevention, actions

Nerve-based, frontal and stress colic in horses

Cold colic


Recommended medicinal product:

  • in case of tendency, for prevention:NOSPASproduct
  • for prevention in case of frontal or stress colic: the milder SPASproduct or the stronger oneNOSPAS and STRESScombination of products
  • in case of cold colic:NOSPAS COLDproduct
  • in case of liver colic: NOSPAS and HEPAproducts (together: HESPAS)
  • stomach originating colic, stomach ulcer: PREVUL and STRESSCombination of  products
  • sand colic prevention:NOSPAS and flea seed plantainseed coat (psyllium)


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • the treatment is always a veterinary task!
  • in the event of a tendency, with preventive and condition maintenance purposescontinuousfeeding is recommended
  • after-treatment of illness, colic surgery: for at least 3 months, but the feeding can be continuous
  • it is recommended to start feeding SPAS at least 14 days before the arrival of the fronts