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Hoof cracks, hoof abscess, white line disease, slow growing hoof horn

Hoof cracks, hoof abscess, white line disease, slow growing hoof horn

Cracking and fragmentation of the hooves can also be caused by external causes (e.g. improper nailing, moving on hard ground), but the background is often a lack of material in the hoof, which in turn indicates an internal metabolic disorder. Absorption of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to build the horn requires excellent digestion and absorption, which herbs help with. The intestinal flora also produces biotin independently if its condition is impeccable.

Horses prone to crumbling, cracked hoofs and hoof diseases (e.g. white line disease, abscess) should be fed herbs that improve digestion and absorption!


Brittle, slow-growing hooves

White line disease

Hoof abscess

A bloodstain on the horse's hoof

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. for prevention and strengthening of corns:BLUFproduct
  2. for treatment:BLUF and the following productscombination of:
  • infection case:IMMUNEproduct
  • in case of chronic illness:HEPAproduct
  • in case of inflammation, pain:ASPRINTproduct


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • the IMMUN product can be fed for 1 month, after which a break of at least 3-4 weeks is recommended
  • ASPRINT is recommended until the symptoms disappear, and can be fed without a time limit
  • all other products can be used continuously, but at least 3 months of feeding is recommended
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