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Urinary tract infection, urinary sand, urinary stone

Urinary tract infection, urinary sand, urinary stone

Several applications of diuretic plants are known: the so-called During water jet therapy, we use herbs to remove smaller urinary tract stones and sand and to prevent recurrence. In urinary tract infections, these are combined with immune strengthening to obtain a product suitable for the post-treatment of inflammation of the urinary bladder and a  renal pelvis. This function is enhanced by anti-inflammatory herbs.


Urinary stones in horses INFOGRAPHIC

Urinary stone, urinary tract infection in horses

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. for prevention and condition maintenance in case of tendency: KIDNI product (in half a dose or as a course)
  2. for treatment: KIDNI product (or a combination of KIDNI and HEPA products)
  3. in case of infection: a combination of KIDNI and IMMUN products
  4. in case of inflammation, pain: a combination of KIDNI and ASPRINT products


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • IMMUN can be fed with a time limit: after 1 month, it can be repeated with a break of 3-4 weeks, if necessary
  • KIDNI small urinary stones, urinary sand; in case of additional treatment of urinary tract inflammation, infection, cold: until the symptoms disappear, but for a minimum of 1 month, a maximum of 2 months.
  • the KIDNI blister sandand in case of an increased tendency to stone formation, to prevent recurrence:

    - with continuous feeding: fed 2 consecutive days per week, then 5 days off;

    - by feeding like a cure: every quarter for 1 month, fed every day.

  • ASPRINT is recommended until the symptoms disappear (can be fed continuously)
  • recommended for follow-up treatment for 1-2 months after HEPA liver protection drug treatment