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Scariness, fear, panic, separation anxiety

Scariness, fear, panic, separation anxiety

Medicinal herbs that help calm and adapt often (but not in all cases) significantly help working with a fearful, fearful horse. Long-term or curative, preventive feeding of nerve-strengthening, sedative  and antispasmodic herbs is useful in the diet of horses prone to fright and suffering from separation disorders. For sports horses, it is important thatnodoping-free herbs containing the listed active ingredient should be placed in the horse's arms, which in some cases also applies to the competition preparation period!


Medicinal herbs for restless, nervous horses

Treating horses with problem behavior with herbs

Recommended product:

  1. for prevention, before a stressful event:STRESSproduct
  2. for an existing behavioral disorder: STRESSproduct (may be in 2-3x doses until the effect is produced, after that the dose can be gradually reduced)
  3. stomach problems, ulcerin case of:STRESS and PREVULcombination of products
  4. colic, stress colic:STRESS and NOSPAS (and HEPA)combination of products
  5. painfor: targeted treatment +STRESS and ASPRINTcombination of products
  6. stress-deteriorating diseases (e.g.eczema,asthma,diarrhea): see targeted treatment there!


In the case of a product combinati