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Hoof inflammation

Hoof inflammation

Patairha inflammation has two forms: acute and chronic. The underlying cause can be various, but the disease is most often of metabolic origin. In the case of disease-prone horses, even a minimal metabolic disorder can have fatal consequences. Étrendjükbe ajánlott huzamos ideig olyan gyógynövényeket illeszteni, melyek segítik a szervezetből a méreganyagok kiürítését, antioxidáns anyagaikkal támogatják a méreganyagok semlegesítését, javítják a lábvégek keringését, they slightly inhibit inflammatory processes, influence the metabolism and stimulate the body's recovery mechanisms.


Hoof inflammation in horses


We do not feed pregnant mares and foals any potent herbs and their medication is also limited. For this reason the additional role of gentle phytotherapy is particularly important in the treatment of patirha inflammation and hoof cylinder diseases: we accelerate healing with anti-inflammatory, diuretic, detoxifying and hepatoprotective medicinal herbs.

SpecificationPateritis of a pregnant mare or foal

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. for prevention and maintenance in case of tendency:HOT-REHAproduct
  2. for acute illness or to treat flare-ups of chronic illness:HOT-START, HEPA and ASPRINTcombination of products 
  3. in case of recovery, for prevention and maintenance:BLUFyou are a productBLOF and HEPAcombination of products
  4. for treatment of pregnant mares: HOTMO and HEPAcombination of products
  5. for prevention and maintenance of pregnant mares in case of tendency: HOTMOproduct


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • HOT-REHA, BLOF and HEPA can be fed continuously or as a cure 
  • HOT-START and HOTMO can be used until the symptoms disappear (2-3 month, and after calving it is advisable to switch to the HOT-REHA product)
  • ASPRINT is recommended for 3-6 months, but can be fed continuously as needed
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