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Respiratory allergy, heaves, equine asthma

Respiratory allergy, heaves, equine asthma

A watery runny nose can be a symptom of an incipient respiratory allergy which can eventually lead to more serious symptoms: runny nose with thick mucus, cough, and later even difficulty breathing and asthmatic suffocation. Unfortunately allergic hypersensitivity cannot be cured: once it has developed, there is no going back. The horse requires constant attention and treatment to remain symptom-free. Horsekeeping technology plays a prominent role. In each case, the phytotherapy treatment must be adapted to the specific condition of the ill horse, to its current symptoms and the type and severity of its illness. The daily, lifelong feeding of medicinal herbs helps a lot in improving the horse's condition and keeping it on an acceptable level.



Incipient respiratory allergy (ALLERG)

Allergic cough, heaves, equine asthma with respiratory mucus (CORST, CORST START)

Dry heaves (no mucus), equine asthma with good condition (HOTAR)

Dry heaves, equine asthma with deteriorating condition (ASIMA)

Medicinal herbs for pregnant mares suffering from runny nose, cough and asthma (POCAST)