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Weakened body, lack of energy

Weakened body, lack of energy

Depression and fatigue can be caused, for example, by a prolonged illness, old age, hair change, intensive training, mating season or long-term stress. -136bad5cf58d_ginseng is useful, it increases vitality, increases mental and physical activity. The horse also eats herbs that are more effective and improve digestion.

Specification: Weakened body, lack of energy

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. in mild cases:BLOF PLUS and HEPAproducts
  2. in case of a more severe lack of energy:NOSPAS PLUS and HEPA
  3. thirdtheIMMUNEcan be fed for immune strengthening if necessary
  4. in case of pain, in addition to the above, it isASPRINTis also recommended


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • a NOSPAS PLUS recommended for 1-2 months
  • IMMUN can be fed with a time limit: after 1 month, it can be repeated with a break of 3-4 weeks, if necessary
  • BLOF PLUS, ASPRINT and HEPA can be used for 3-6 months or until symptoms disappear