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Colds and runny nose left over from colds, cough

Colds and runny nose left over from colds, cough

The initial stage of a cold, accompanied by fever or a rise in temperature, is followed by a stage accompanied by coughing, accompanied by phlegm formation in the respiratory tract. The expectorant and expectorant herbs liquefy and dissolve the phlegm, and then facilitate its release into the outside world. They are also effective against bacteria that cause infection. For recurring colds or stubborn infections, immune-boosting herbs are also useful. If the cold is not treated sufficiently, mucus remains in the airways, which can dry out and stick to it over time, thus narrowing the airway. The mucus damages the mucous membrane, bacteria settles on it and stimulates the horse to cough. Later, an allergy may develop from this.


Symptoms and treatment of colds in horses

Runny nose left over from a cold, cough

Runny nose, cough associated with indigestion (weight loss).

Herbs for a pregnant mare with a cold


Recommended medicinal product:

  1. during fever:ASPRINTproduct
  2. after a fever, a (productive) cough with a runny nose and phlegm:NOERpr