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Disturbance of lymphatic circulation, lymph vessel inflammation

Disturbance of lymphatic circulation, lymph vessel inflammation

The circulation of the feet is inherently worse than in other parts of the body. This may result in filtration of the ends of the feet (watery feet). Lymphangitis can develop due to an infection caused by a leg injury. In both cases, it is important to feed   blood circulation-stimulating, antioxidant and diuretic herbs - anti-inflammatory herbs in case of inflammation and immune-boosting herbs in case of infection are also useful.

SpecificationLymphangitis in horses

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. for prevention in case of tendency: NOSPAS product
  2. for management: LIMRE, HEPA and ASPRINTproducts combination
  3. if infection also occurs, then LIMRE, HEPA and IMMUNcombination of products
  4. if bilateral leg edema is associated with lameness (not lymphangitis, commonly known as watery discharge), then BILA and ASPRINT products (see: Cold lameness)


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • the IMMUN product can be fed for a maximum of one month
  • the other products until the symptoms disappear, but for at least 3 months recommended
  • for prevention, NOSPAS is recommended in a 3-6 month course