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Support of injuries and rehabilitation after surgery with herbs

Support of injuries and rehabilitation after surgery with herbs

During the rehabilitation phase following surgeries, accidents and injuries, it is important to support healing with herbs that perfect the restoration of tissues: they speed up the slowed down processes, the blood is necessary for proper metabolism - and they provide lymphatic circulation. In addition to herbs that help break down and  remove damaged tissue, as well as rebuild new tissue inflammatory, healing horses are also fed herbs with a non-drastic effect that improve digestion and help the elimination of decomposition products as soon as possible.


Equine injuries and recovery

Rehabilitation of horse diseases

Medicinal plants in the rehabilitation of horses

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. after surgery, in case of inflammatory processes: aREHA, HEPA and ASPRINTcombination of products
  2. after surgery, in difficult-to-heal wounds for immune strengthening:REHA and IMMUNcombination of products
  3. post-treatment of accident injuries:REHA and ASPRINT and a targeted recipe (e.g. for tendons, joints, digestion)

The above can be further combined, for example:

  1. after surgery of tendons and ligaments aTENDOR-Dwith product
  2. in order to enhance muscle regeneration aRELAMUSwith product
  3. after joint surgery aWHERE and CONDORwith product
  4. for digestive system surgeries aPREVIOUS or NOSPASwith products
  5. in urinary tract surgery aTO PULL OUTwith product
  6. af