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Hair care: discolored mane; greasy, dandruffy coat

Hair care: discolored mane; greasy, dandruffy coat

The coat should be shiny, shiny, smooth and filled according to the breed, free of disease, dandruff, grease and acquired pigment spots. The basic color of the horse varies a lot depending on the quality of the feed, but the seasonal coat change and the marks of the paddock fights also leave a mark on it. Few people know that the state of the internal metabolic processes, liver and kidneys is reflected in the color and quality of the hair and long hair. By acting on the inside with herbs, the color of the horse changes!


Recommended medicinal product:

  1. dandruff coat:BLUF PLUS(and HEPA) product
  2. coat with a greasy feel:TOXIL, BLOF and HEPAcombination of products
  3. thinning mane, tail hair:BRIDFERT and HEPAproducts
  4. slow growing mane, tail:BLOF, HEPA and IMMUNcombination of products
  5. slow growing coat, slow coat change: in springBLUF, in fallNOSPAS(and HEPA) product
  6. slow hair change, winter coat not stuffed enough:NOSPAS PLUS and HEPAcombination of products
  7. the end of the mane turned brown:TOXIL, BLOF and HEPAproduct combination
  8. grated turnip:EKCEWIN, BLOF(and HEPA) products combination
  9. fungal skin disease:EKCEWIN, IMMUN and HEPAcombination of products
  10. summer eczema, insect saliva allergy:SOME, HEPA and ASPRINTCombination of  products
  11. psoriasis: EKCE, IMMUN and HEPAcombination of products


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • with the IMMUN time limit: it can be fed for 1 month, after which it can be repeated with a break of 3-4 weeks
  • EKCE, EKCEWIN and SOME can be fed until recovery
  • all other productspreventionrecommended for 3-6 months,treatmentand can be used continuously until the desired result is achieved