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Overtraining, oxidative stress in sport and competition horses

Overtraining, oxidative stress in sport and competition horses

For these physiological conditions, the focus is on prevention: with a suitable training plan, the correct timing of rest periods and the feeding of medicinal plants. It is also useful for strengthening antioxidant processes, inhibiting inflammatory processes, and supporting muscle function and oxygen management by increasing metabolism.


Overtraining in horses

Treatment of overtraining syndrome in horses

Recommended medicinal product:


  • for management: RELAMUS, HEPA, STRESS, ASPRINT
  • for maintenance and prevention:RELAMUS-D, HEPA, STRESS-D doping-freecombination of products
  • for horses with gastric ulcers aPREVUL-Dalso suggested in addition to the above


In the case of a product combination, all products are fed in full portions.


Recommended feeding time:

  • RELAMUS, HEPA, STRESS, ASPRINT until complete recovery, recommended for a minimum of 1 month (of these, only HEPA is doping-free)
  • the RELAMUS-D, HEPA, STRESS-D, PREVUL-D products can be fed continuously or as a course (all doping-free)
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