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Overweight and abnormal fat deposition

Overweight and abnormal fat deposition

Being overweight should be seen as a kind of disease, since pathologically accumulated fat tissue produces inflammatory substances and disrupts the hormonal system. Unfortunately, overfeeding leads to serious metabolic disorders over time, such as insulin resistance and its consequences: metabolic-related patarimus inflammation or Cushing's disease. In order to prevent these and to slow down the deterioration of the condition, it is worth constantly feeding the horse a herbs that have a beneficial effect on the metabolism. Az emésztésjavító, a májvédő és a vízhajtó gyógynövények mindennapi etetése a szervezetben felhalmozódott káros anyagok kiürülését segítik. In addition to these, it is important to choose the right feed, take into account the seasonality and move it.

Detailed description: Causes and treatment of overweight in horses

Recommended medicinal product:

  1. if you eat a lot/exercise little:NOSPAS and HEPAproducts
  2. if you have diabetes or insulin resistance:DONNA and HEPAproducts
  3. if you have hypothyroidism:HYPOTHES + HEPAproducts
  4. experience shows that it is always useful to have aSTRESSproduct is also fed in addition to the above