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Our herbs that support the healthy recovery and functioning of the eyes can help restore your horse's health in the case of the following diseases and problems.

In the case of the eyes, lacrimation, inflammation and redness of the mucous membrane, as well as the formation of various phlegms can be common symptoms. This can even lead to monthly blindness (uveitis, ERU).

Riders may observe a bluish discoloration of the eyes, which is often  caused by elevated intraocular pressure. Systemic inflammatory processes can also be behind this.

After the use of large doses of steroid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or anthelmintics, the horse's eyes may turn red, which indicates liver disorders - similar to shadow blindness.

The characteristic symptom of spring allergy is tearing, accompanied by a watery runny nose and sometimes head-shaking.

In the above cases - with the exception of permanent cataracts and very severe, advanced uveitis (ERU) - herbs are effective against the problems, but in all cases the presence of a foreign body must be filtered out.

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