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Our herbs, which support the nervous system and have a positive effect on behavior and mood, help restore the health of horses in the case of the following diseases and problems:

Most horses sometimes behave dangerously for humans or their environment, or have moments that are more difficult to handle.


It is still a little-known fact that the constant dominant behavior of a horse is almost as sickening as e.g. mold feed. The priority role keeps the animal on constant alert, which involves almost constant production of stress hormones. This is a huge burden on the liver and adrenal glands, which can be largely corrected with herbs.

This attitude of readiness is especially common in competition horses, which the rider can usually infer with great certainty from the tense, hard muscles. Az ijedezések ön- és közveszélyesek lehetnek, az állandósult félelem szintén nagy stresszfaktor, és akár félelmi agresszióba is átcsaphat.


Sleep disorders (yes, horses have this too!) can cause headaches, grumpy, antisocial, irritable behavior. Finally, bearing the heavy burden of bokszfogság should be mentioned among the problems that can be treated with medicinal herbs.

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